Medical Applications

When reliability is a key factor, one can look to Noble's low & high profile slide potentiometers. As shown here, the slide pots play a major role in an ultrasound application. Key features for this series include:

  • Center Detent
  • Smooth Feel
  • LED
  • Metal or Plastic Lever
  • Dust Cover

Digital is becoming very popular in the medical industry. We are finding an increase in encoder applications for both absolute and relative reference applications. Our encoders range from 12mm, 13mm, 16mm, & 24mm. Some key features for the RE series include:
  • Momentary Push Switch
  • Absolute or Relative Reference
  • Binary or Gray Code

Other applications in the medical industry include a rotary or
thumbwheel potentiometer for volume control. Key features include:
  • Rotary "Film" Potentiometer
    — High Reliability
    — Center Detent
    — Single or Dual Element
    — Smooth Feel

  • Thumbwheel "Film" Potentiometer
    — High Performance Incorporating Film Technology

The XVL161 joystick has considerable potential in the medical industry. The joystick can incorporate many functions in one control. Key features include:
  • Durable, Steel Frame Construction
  • Optional Momentary Push Switch
  • Long Life