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ROLLING MEADOWS, IL - Noble U.S.A., Inc. announces the availability of a new data sheet on its XV092 Series low-profile, board mount rotary potentiometers. Recently re-designed to meet the stringent performance demands of professional and consumer audio equipment, the XV092 Series pots offer easy snap-in mounting in both vertical and horizontal configurations. The four-page, illustrated publication includes full product photography, detailed dimensional drawings, shaft configurations, and complete product specifications.

Included in the brochure is the all new XV09203 potentiometer with an extended collar for improved wobble characteristics and maximum shaft stability. All XV092 Series pots feature a unique film element which reduces noise while providing smooth operation.

Products are available with a full-range of options, including choice of flatted, 40-tooth knurled or screwdriver adjust shaft, each in a variety of lengths. A center detent type is also available.

The Series’ total resistance ranges from 5KW to 500KW in Linear, Audio, and Reverse-Audio tapers. The maximum operating voltage is 50V AC/20V DC and the power rating is 0.05W. Total rotational angle is 300°.

To obtain a copy of this new Noble U.S.A. brochure, or for additional information and/or free samples, contact Noble USA via our catalog form and request these materials.

Click here to download XV092 Series PDF Specification