The XVB93 potentiometer will be used in panel dimmer applications. The optional "Pop out" shaft is becoming very popular for automotive applications. Key features include:

  • Low profile
  • Meets automotive environmental requirements
  • Smooth feel
  • Many different switch configurations
  • 13mm pop-out stroke available


Our new RE encoder has many applications commonly found on the instrument panel. Some of those include climate control, mirror control, audio control, and sunroof. Key features include:

  • Absolute or Relative Reference
  • Binary or Gray Code
  • Momentary Push Switch


The low and high profile slide potentiometers have potential in the automotive market. Some applications include climate control, head up display, and volume controls. Key features include:

  • Meets Automotive Temperature Specs
  • LED
  • Center Detent
  • Dust Cover
  • Smooth Feel

Available in 32mm and 48mm travel, the LSJ sensor is useful in applications like copy machines and CD-changers. Key features include:

  • Thin and Slide type
  • Light-sliding and quick response
  • The influence of external noise is less than an optical method
  • Low price and long life